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Injuries of Unknown Onset or Origin

These type of injuries can be very difficult in determining the cause or origin. Most of the time these types of injuries are repetitive or postural and created by many different factors.

Many job requirements or activities of daily living can be very repetitive and stressful in nature and can result in fibrotic and tight and tender fascia or muscle tissue. This can result in adhesions, potential muscle spasming and severe pain. In more advanced cases nerve and joint pain can be involved as well, this usually results if symptoms are ignored or minimized.

Injuries of unknown origin usually start as a mild achy dull pain that seems to vary in frequency and intensity. These injuries will become more frequent and intense with time unless something changes. Don’t ignore your bodies subtle signs and allow your injury to progress in time to a more painful state.

Treatments of these injury types are often described as relaxing and uplifting due to the release of accumulated tension in the musculoskeletal system. Therapeutic Massage by Claire may be integrated into your treatment if myofascial involvement is significant. Exercises and stretching may be instructed for faster and more permanent results.

Dr. Andersen’s chiropractic training and his certifications in ART(Active Release Technique) and Graston Technique have made him an expert at locating and effectively treating these injuries before they really start to affect your life. Call and schedule your consultation Today!!

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